Fibre Optics Infrastructure build

Over the years, Leverage platform has built several cost-effective fibre optics solutions for clients accross Nigeria. As part of our service delivery, implement functional ICT and fibre optics infrastructure for medium and large scale information systems that meets standards in terms of performance and budget. Through proper analysis and consultations, we can always find the solutions that best match our your needs whether in the migration of data and information systems or effective upgrading of ICT infrastructure. The aim of the ICT infrastructure is to build an environment to run information systems that performs optimally and enables users to carry out their tasks seamlessly.

Stable data networks are key requirements for information systems. When designing data networks, we employ a multi-tiered architecture that guarantees an effective response to any demands made by large data networks. We provide implementation of network-based services and solutions including access control, Virtual Private Networking, and IP management solutions. At leverage platform, we carry out designs, installations, selection and deployment of fiber optic infrastructure solutions that provide high-performance connectivity options. This is achieved through a careful selection of fiber optic cabling to determine the correct type of single mode or multimode, determining the number of fiber optic strands needed in each cable run and selecting an appropriate cable design for the implementation.

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