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Leverage Platform is one of the foremost in Capacity building for Digital skills training/ICT, Entrepreneurship development , Fiber infrastructure, Internet of Things, workplace productivity tools etc.

Our trainings are designed for individuals and coporate participation and we deliver both on-site and off-site training services. Contact us today for your training need and our team of experts will be there to take you through. We offer training programmes in divers areas including Workplace Rroductivity Tools, Digital Marketting, Data Privacy, Fibre Optics, Safety and Security and Internet of Things (IoT).

Internet of things

The IoT Training program of Leverage platform covers electronics, cloud, analytics, sensor/actuator integration, and building intelligent internet-enabled devices. This training will give you wide-ranging understanding and insight into the world of Internet of Things. This module covers several aspects of Internet of Things such as environment monitoring application which senses the changes in light intensity, an Internet-connected alert system to evacuate your premise in case of an emergency like fire, earthquake, terror attack, Web-based temperature data logger for pharmaceutical companies, Automated alerts over SMS and E-Mail or building physical devices like a temperature monitor that posts tweets automatically

By analyzing IoT usage data gathered from household devices, manufacturers could determine whether the consumer is a good prospect for upgrading to another model or might be inclined to buy another product or service. Based on how the customer is using one appliance, such sales opportunities could be worth a considerable amount per year.

Safety and security

The IT security training provides tactical skills to identify ICT infrastructure threats and ways to mitigate against such threats. The need to enforce adequate security of IT infrastructure cannot be over-emphasized. This is based on the fact that infrastructure vulnerability represent security risk which is capable of disrupting organization’s services. An appropriate security measure entails putting policies in place and evaluating such security policies and procedures to ensure strict adherence.

Digital Marketting

Digital marketing is the use of digital devices to carry out any form of marketing of products or services. Marketting is an important aspect of any business and it has been done in several ways in the past such as use of billboards, radio gingles, distribution of hand bills etc. Digital marketting is a new innovtion that has proven to be very effective. Although, digital marketting has been around for a while, it was popularized as a term in the early 2000’s.

Data Privacy

Data privacy entails the protection of company or individual data from intruders. It is very important as it helps establish a boundary and ensure data does not leak to unauthorized users. Data is used to make very important decisions and it can be used to affect our reputations or cause damage if privacy is breached. Hence, maintaining effective privacy over sensitive resources is a paramount issue as it can protect against considerable damage and trouble.

Our data privacy training will equip participants' with useful tools and ways of safeguarding data.

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