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The workplace productivity tools training is geared towards improving productivity in the workplace through the use of modern ICT tools. There are various workplace productivity tools that gives your organization an edge over its competitors as well as save your employees time and your business money. Productivity level is something that affects every organization and that is why it is important that individuals use every tool in their pocket so that they can achieve their goals in a systematic manner while at the same time grow in a positive manner, both in a professional and personal manner. It is difficult to be productive at all the times of the day, so it is important to manage time in an effective fashion. Manage your time in such a manner that you are able to perform all your duties while at the same time get enough breaks to rejuvenate your mind and body.

A successful business is built on the efforts and collaboration of its team members and employees. That is why it is important to ensure a high productivity level in the workplace. Productivity level can be defined as the manner in which a company transforms its resources into products, thereby creating a better standard of living. Examples of such tools include dropbox and google drive for cloud storage, google docs, Asana and Wunderlist cloud office based task management applications that allows users to manage tasks, Nanny- A simple plugin designed by Google Chrome that allows users block social media sites like Facebook and Youtube so that work distraction is kept at the minimum.

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