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Leverage-platform is a privately held technology company with the mission of solving indigenous problems and building solutions through global knowhow in technology, innovation and creativity..

with each new product, we stretch the boundaries of conformity. we like to think of the result of all this as a modern-day industrial revolution: an eye-opening, horizon-broadening experience in search of knowledge and new limits. we truly believe in the transformative power of excellent design and their ability to solve problems, elevate experiences, engage and inspire people.

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End-to-end IoT Application Enablement Platform.

We believe in enterprise-scale Internet of Things platform that maximizes the potential of connected business infrastructure. A mature, unified solution that provides high-volume, high-drill down Internet of Things services across enterprise divisions, from scratch to finish.

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Where the smart is.

Household chores today take up the equivalent of an estimated $11 trillion a year in consumer time, a figure expected to reach about $23 trillion in 2025. It is estimated that smart appliances that can operate independently to complete tasks such as vacuuming floors and chopping food can reduce that workload by 17 percent.

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Our Service include IoT solution, energy management, IT security, usage-based design and pre-sales analytics.

Shape a successful Enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) business.

To make this happen, enterprises need a mature, end-to-end Internet of Things platform that can connect the core of your business to the edge of network. Transform into a digital enterprise with Our Expertise.

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Features & Overviews

Leverage Platform provides solusions and deliver training on ICT fields, Fibre optics, digital marketing amongst others!

  • Fibre infrastructure

    Providing cost effective fibre solutions that meet your need.

  • IT Security

    Design and implementation of secure ICT environment

  • Digital Marketting

    Expand your business horizon through digitial marketting.

  • ICT Infrastructure Build

    Planning and implementation of secure ICT infrastructure.

  • IoT

    Taking technology to your household appliances.

  • Training

    Fibre and ICT training that equip you for the future.

  • Consultancy

    Consultancy services on fibre, security and ICT solutions.

  • Data privacy

    Protection of company or individual data from intruders.

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